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 by Anonymous

I recently started using Alteryx for my small business and I am very impressed.

As a small business user I have a lot of daily tasks that I need to do manually in order to keep my business running.

It is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to quickly analyze, prepare, and blend data from multiple sources into one unified dataset.

With this platform, I can easily connect to various data sources such as Microsoft Excel, Xero, Google Analytics and Shopify. Now, for the first time I can see all my data in one place.

 The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for me to create sophisticated workflows with minimal effort.

In addition to helping me streamline processes within my company, Alteryx also provides a range of analytics tools including predictive analytics and geospatial analysis which allow me to gain deeper insights from the data I have collected.

I can't deny that you have to invest time and money to get the most out of Alteryx, but now that it's all set-up, it's literally doing the job of two full time employees.

Overall, Alteryx is a great solution for small businesses looking to get more value out of their data, and to automate boring repetitive data tasks.

 by Jane Wilson

As an accountant, I find Alteryx to be a great tool for streamlining and automating data-driven tasks. It has allowed me to quickly create complex workflows that would otherwise take hours or days of manual labor. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build sophisticated models without having to code in SQL or Python. In addition, the wide variety of pre-built tools, connectors and macros make it even easier to get up and running quickly.

In terms of my daily job, this has completely transformed the way I work. No more am I trying to manually reconcile using Excel. Instead, I'm using Alteryx  to automate the bank reconciliation process. The process involves connecting to the bank's data source, extracting the data, and then using Alteryx to compare the bank statement with the company's records. Alteryx can be used to identify discrepancies between the two sets of data, and then to generate reports that can be used to reconcile the differences. Alteryx can also be used to automate the process of creating journal entries for any discrepancies that are identified.

What's more - any of my colleagues can easily read an Alteryx workflow I've created, and see how the data is being reconciled (I love the way Alteryx colour codes data!).

It's worth spending the time getting out of the Excel rut - this is a very powerful tool that can automate complex financial processes. And I love my work now!

 by Anonymous

Alteryx is a powerful and versatile data analytics platform that provides end-to-end capabilities for the entire analytics workflow. It enables data analysts to quickly explore, prepare, analyze and visualize data from multiple sources in an intuitive graphical environment. Alteryx offers a wide range of analytical tools such as geospatial mapping, predictive modeling, machine learning algorithms and statistical analysis. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build sophisticated workflows without writing code or complex scripting.

Additionally, the self-service feature allows users to easily access and analyze their own data while maintaining governance over it. All in all, Alteryx is an ideal choice for those looking for an advanced analytics solution that can be used across various industries ranging from healthcare to financial services.

From my perspective it's been a huge accelerator of traditional data science prep tasks that I'd normally do in Python, now I use Alteryx because it's easy to grab data from multiple data sources, clean up, and then process. But I'm still making heavy-use of Alteryx's Python tool (which enables me to run Jupyter notebooks in workflows).